Messaging Gateway: SMS

Messaging Gateway: SMS

SMS gateway is part of our own developed secured enterprise unified communication solution for A2P and P2P SMS services. We are the leading carrier grade SMS aggregator hub with interconnect over 800 mobile networks in over 200 countries. We have our own unique automatically distributed architecture design to ensure the critical SMS can be reached to the end users with higher delivery successful rate of more than 99.9%. It means our SMS gateway will route the SMS into different operators based on each operator’s availability. In order to shorten the approval process for sending SMS in some countries (eg. China), we have our own specialized team to preview the SMS contents which will meet the local government’s guideline – white list.

Short Messaging Service

Able Mobile provides high speed and reliable SMS service with massive global coverage.  It is a platinum service for you to broadcast bulk SMS online. In particular, we also provide a detail Delivery report, message scheduling, blacklist filtering and many valuable functions including sender ID in some countries.

Functions and Features:

• Interface & API Options: HTTP, XML, SMPP, SOAP Interfaces or Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol

• Security: Access via HTTPS, SSL Encryption, L2/L3 VPN & Messaging

• Throughput: 250 SMS/sec (~1M SMS/hr) per account

• High Delivery Rate: > 99.9%

• Receive Time: < 20 sec

• Customizable Validity Period: 2 min - 72 hrs.

• Retry Mechanism: Message will retry according to Customizable Validity Period when the handset is turned off or unreachable

• Dynamic Sender ID: Customizable 3-11 Alphanumeric

(The following Countries do not support Dynamic SMS Sender ID: Algeria, Arabia, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Hungary, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Saudi, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uruguay, etc)

• Long Concatenated Support: UP to 2,000 Characters support in Single SMS Content (English: 0-160 Characters = 1 SMS, 161-306 Characters = 2 SMS, afterwards every 153 Characters = 1 extra SMS; Chinese Unicode: 0-70 Characters = 1 SMS, 71-134 Characters = 2 SMS, afterward every 67 Characters = 1 extra SMS)

• Message Encoding: Support any Country Language (Unicode, UTF8, GSM7, ASCII, BIG5, Latin-1, GB2312 Encoding, Binary supported)

• Delivery Receipts: Pull/Push Live Delivery Report and Advance Error Code via API (Report Status: Success, Failed, Invalid Format or Mobile Suspended, etc.)

• Filter OFCA Do-Not-Call registry/Private Blacklist: Filter in Real Time via API

• Filter Incorrect/Repeat Numbers: Filter in Real Time via API

• 2-Way Interactivity: Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) or Short code

• Account Structure: 3 Levels (Master Account→Company Sub-Account→User Account)

• Communication Uses:

• Service Alerts/Incident Reporting/Notifications

• PIN Authentication/OTP (One Time Password)

• Check Balance/Appointment/Schedule Reminders

• Sales Promotion Offers and Coupons (URL inserted into SMS content)

• Client CRM/POS/eShop/Facebook APP/Mobile APP Integration for Notifications

• Verification / One-Time Password (OTP) / 2-factor authentication API

• Phone number / Email Verification

Easily verify the phone numbers and/or email of your member is real and valid to prevent spam, fraud and other dubious activities. 2nd phone call or email verification will be implemented upon the 1st call or email delivery failure.

• Implement high security level 2-factor authentication (2FA) and One-Time-Password (OTP)