Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an integral part of the digital world. Through the application of the Internet of Things (IoT), we connect physical objects and virtual data for entire control. Emerging technologies are widely used in online shopping process, committed to building a smart supply chain system with precise marketing, intelligent warehousing, and high efficiency. Seamless integration technologies help respond to consumer demands more quickly and flexibly, and drive the future development of e-commerce.

 – E-commerce logistics management components

IoT takes full use of a new generation of technology in whole workflow and embeds sensors in all aspects of e-commerce sales, including: production, inventory, sales, warehousing, logistics and distribution. The integration of the "Internet of Things" and the existing Internet will enable e-commerce companies to manage sales and logistics in a more dynamic and accurate manner, achieve "intelligent" status, and increase resource efficiency and productivity.

EaseSales Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture

Offer IoT services in the architecture of the IoT cloud to guarantee high performance

Why Using EaseSales IoT Logistics Management?

We support Big Data Smart Logistics Supply Chain and multi-dimensional integration. Embed and equip sensors into the grid for information exchange and communication, helping electricity suppliers establish a new ecosystem.

Real-time control

■ All data is synchronized in real time
■ Obtain first-hand information such as warehouse location and logistics overview of the goods
■ The goods have the ability to interact with other goods, so the actual situation is under control

Timely insights

Real-time detection of data and status
■ Get insights before the problem or early in the origin of the problem, make adjustments as soon as possible and formulate strategies and actions

Improve efficiency

■ Collect data by sensing technology and sensors
■ Pass information on different dimensions and dynamic trends to cloud hosts accurately and efficiently

Save costs and resources

■ Automate accurate marketing through linkage with the smart logistics supply chain system
■ Improve efficiency and reduce errors
■ Save costs and resources